COVID-19 Saliva Test For Asymptomatic Individuals

We’re offering a new COVID-19 saliva test to members of our practice and non-members. Compared to standard nasopharyngeal swab tests, this COVID-19 saliva test is easier to perform, delivers results within 72 hours, and is just as accurate.

If you are already experiencing symptoms, please consult with your physician about going to a mobile or hospital testing site.

To get your test:

  1. Call our office to schedule an appointment at 708-386-3080.
  2. On the day of your appointment come to our office. We require all patients to wear a mask in our office.
  3. During your appointment we’ll collect your saliva and register you with the testing company.
  4. Results are mailed directly to you in approximately 72 hours.
  5. You’ll also be emailed videos with tips on how to protect yourself, what quarantine actually means, and advice if your test comes back positive.


  • COVID-19 saliva test: $0
  • Office charge for members: $15
  • Office charge for non-members: $35

Please keep in mind that SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) diagnostic tests are not perfect. No test is. If they were perfect, a positive test would mean that someone carries the virus and a negative test that they do not. With imperfect tests, a negative result means only that a person is less likely to be infected. Thus, we ask that you consider risk factors and individual scenarios and not completely rely on the test results to choose your behavior. 

If you’ve been exposed or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 infection and test negative, you should still quarantine and avoid close contact with others. Alternatively, if you have no symptoms and test positive, it could also be a false positive test. Please consult with your physician or the CDC website as to how to stay safe and keep others safe.