Discounted Labs

We offer discounted labs to our patients as a membership benefit. Our cash prices are often steeply discounted compared to what insurance covers or compared to self-pay.

In addition to the savings, our patients have no deductibles, copays, or insurance forms to deal with.

Example of Labs Included in an Annual Physical

Lab Billed Insurance* or Self Pay Our Price – Essentials Membership Our Price – Comprehensive Membership**
CBC $50 $3 $0
Lipid Panel $164 $2.50 $0
TSH $144 $5 $0
CMP $97 $4 $0
Vitamin D $266 $22.50 $0
Vitamin B12 $133 $5 $0
Hgb a1c $82 $3 $0
Iron Panel $223 $10 $0
PSA $163.50 $7 $0
Total $1,322.50 $62 $0

Our lab prices are subject to change.

*Billed Insurance rates represent the cost if insurance does not cover the lab and are estimates only. Please contact your insurance carrier for specifics.

**All labs shown are included in the Comprehensive Membership once per year.

We are able to get steep discounts on all labs. For more information, or to find out what other labs would cost as a member of our practice, please contact us at 708-386-3080 or