Direct primary care is a different type of primary care practice. Compared to traditional primary care practices:

  • Our patient population is much smaller - we’re able to spend much more time with patients.
  • Patients have immediate access to doctors - we offer same day and next day appointments. Patients can schedule after hours and weekend appointments when needed. All patients can access their doctor via phone, text, email, and video chat.
  • We charge a membership fee - the fee covers visits, emails, calls, and just about everything we need to deliver primary care to you. The only exceptions are certain immunizations and supplies required for one off, unplanned procedures. These are rare.
  • We do not take insurance - but since your membership fees cover your costs, there are no deductibles, no copays, no uncertainty about what your primary medical care costs.

We offer membership plans for individuals, families, and groups. You can see all of our options and what services are included in each plan on our fees page

Office visits, routine blood work once a year for an annual physical, routine and sick office visits. See our fees page for a full list.
Yes, we treat children as young as age 5.
No, we do not offer prenatal care.
Yes, we do offer gynecological care.
You can schedule appointments right away, usually on the same day depending on the time of day. If same day isn’t available, next day appointments are usually open.
Dr. Liu is affiliated with the Rush University Hospital System, Elmhurst-Edwards Health System, and Amita Hinsdale Hospital. Dr. Gigante is affiliated with West Suburban Hospital. We have access to electronic medical records in those health systems, can see all test results, and physician notes. If a patient needs in-patient care in any hospital (those listed above or any other hospital), we work actively with the treating physicians about our patient’s history, answer all questions, and resume care after discharge.
No. We are private pay only. We do this so we can be completely independent from insurance company rules that sometimes impact treatment decisions. Without worrying about that, our focus is completely on our patients.
Yes, we recommend it. Direct Primary Care delivers high quality primary care, but health insurance will cover expensive medical events and other physicians you may need to see.
We recommend you check with your FSA or HSA plan sponsor for their specific rules covering Direct Primary Care.
The biggest difference is that we spend much more time with our patients than a regular family medicine / primary care physician can. For a full description of how these compare, you can go to our primary care page