Medical Cannabis Consultations

medical cannabis consultations

I'm in Pain. Will Cannabis Help Me?

Dr. Liu gave a virtual presentation in April 2022 titled "I'm in Pain. Will Cannabis Help Me?". Dr. Liu begins at the 4m 39sec mark.

Telehealth for Medical Cannabis Consultations Due To COVID - 19

Illinois has expanded telehealth services due to COVID-19. This includes medical cannabis qualification. You can now speak to us online and qualify for a medical cannabis certificate. Here is the Illinois Department of Public Health's (IDPH) Medical Cannabis Guidance for more information.

Consultations With A Medical Cannabis Doctor

On August 12, 2019 the Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Program became permanent.

To participate in the Illinois program, you’ll need a medical cannabis (sometimes called medical marijuana) registry identification card. Patients seeking to qualify for a card must have a physician certified diagnosis of a debilitating condition or terminal illness.

Dr. Liu performs certification assessments for patients with a diagnosis of any qualifying debilitating conditions including cancer and PTSD. If you do not have a qualifying diagnosis or have not seen a medical cannabis physician for over 12 months we invite you to join our practice and have our qualified family medicine physicians address all your needs and provide the proper care including advice on medical cannabis. 

A Consultation With A Medical Cannabis Doctor Includes:

  • Extensive, thorough history and physical exam about the chronic disease diagnosis.
  • Education on therapeutic effects of medical marijuana including specific information on how the different components (THC, CBD, and terpenes) work on the body.
  • Discussion of risks and side effects as well as how to avoid purchasing the wrong medical marijuana products.
  • What to expect in the process of applying for the medical cannabis card.
  • 2 appointments with Dr. Liu

Fee For Medical Cannabis consultation:

  • $0 for members of our practice
  • $150/appointment for non-members

If You Already Have a Medical Cannabis Card:

Many individuals already have a card but their physician isn’t expert in using cannabis for treatment. Other individuals with a card don’t have a medical cannabis doctor at all. Dr. Liu sees patients in these situations and consults on topics including:

  • Medical Cannabis card renewals
  • Avoiding adverse effects
  • Dosing advice
  • Information on the different plant cannabinoids and their roles in treating specific conditions
  • Pros and cons of various delivery options (inhaled vs edibles vs topical)
    Fee for treatment advice:
    • Member of Dr. Liu’s practice: $0/visit
    • Previous patient of Dr. Liu’s with records on file: $90/visit
    • New to the practice: $150/visit

    From Dr. Ingrid Liu:

    I have over 6 years of experience assisting patients, of all ages in obtaining the Illinois Medical cannabis card. I advise on integrating cannabis into an overall treatment plan, including finding the appropriate cannabis formulations, therapeutic dosing, and delivery methods. I assist patients that are new to cannabis as well as those who may have been using cannabis for years. I'm familiar with the various medical cannabis products available to patients in Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries.

    The more I learn about the field of medical cannabis, the more intrigued and excited I become that patients have another option for treatment. I have had patients successfully wean off of narcotic/opiate medications that they were dependent on for over 10 years.

    I have attended conferences with some of the top scientists and physicians advocating for use and research. The available scientific information is growing at an exponential rate. Most physicians lack the knowledge required to understand both the risks and benefits of cannabis, let alone possible medication interactions. The case studies presented at the conferences are eye opening and inspiring. I am a member of The Society of Cannabis Clinicians, a nationwide organization of providers that is involved with research as well as the latest updates on medical cannabis.

    The reality is that people already self medicate without guidance or consideration for interactions with prescription pharmaceuticals, potential side effects, and other concerns. I take this opportunity to provide that guidance and help people obtain medical cannabis legally and safely.

    If you have any questions, or are wondering if you qualify, please contact us.