Discounted Prescription Medications

We dispense discounted prescription medications to our patients as a membership benefit. Our cash prices are often steeply discounted compared to the pharmacy or with discount coupon programs like GoodRx, even if patients only pay the copay.

Our patients like how simple it is to get prescription medications through us. Patients avoid shopping the same prescription at different pharmacies looking for the best price. For example, the same prescription for generic Celebrex with a Good Rx coupon will cost a patient $17.10 at Costco but $172.74 at Walgreens*.

In addition to the savings, our patients have no deductibles, copays, or insurance forms to deal with. And, they can get their prescriptions directly from us instead of making a separate trip to their pharmacy.

Example Prescription Medication Pricing

Medication Pharmacy With GoodRx Coupon Our Price
Simvastatin (cholesterol medication) 90 tablets  $85 $10 – $40 $3.50
Tadalafil (generic Cialis) 30 tablets  Over $1,000 $16 – $33 $2.25
Bupropion XL (antidepressant) 90 tablets  $345 $18 – $100 $7.50
Glimiperide (diabetes medication) 100 tablets  $90 $15 – $34 $1.60
Celexicob (arthritis anti-inflammatory) 90 capsules $50 – $450 $20 – $170 $7.75
Doxycycline (antibiotic) 60 capsules $110 $16 – $38 $4.50

Traditional full price and copay are estimates only. Please contact your insurance carrier for specifics.

For more information, or to find out what your medications would cost as a member of our practice, please contact us at 708-386-3080 or

*Link provided as of June 7 2021. Specific pricing subject to change based on each pharmacy’s policies.