Direct Primary Care for Families

Primary care improves health outcomes for families. In part, that’s because a primary care physician can help keep your family on a great wellness track. It’s also because primary care providers get to know you over time–and this means they can often identify potential issues at the earliest stages. Direct primary care (DPC) for families offers those same benefits–and more. 

A direct primary care membership can offer individuals more thorough, more convenient, and more affordable care. For families, these benefits are often amplified. Schedules (and bills) are easier to manage, and your provider will become familiar with your entire family’s health and wellness. And insurance won’t get in the way. This makes direct primary care an appealing option for many families.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care for Families

Trying to find the right care for your family can be a challenge. After all, your family may be different from others–so a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Unfortunately, that’s the approach most insurance companies seem to favor. 

That’s one reason why direct primary care clinics have become a popular choice. But relative freedom from insurance companies is not the only benefit. Indeed, direct primary care for families offers some significant and practical benefits, including the following:

Thorough Care

When you see a primary care doctor, you’re establishing a record of your health–which is good! Your primary care doctor will be able to thoroughly examine your overall wellness over time, provide advice on how to stay healthy, and help you handle any routine health concerns. Any primary care visit starts with a thorough exam.

This is the case in any primary care setting–but it’s especially true at a Direct Primary Care clinic. With a DPC provider, appointments are never rushed. So you’ll have as much time to ask questions, communicate your concerns, and receive thorough information. In our practice annual exams typically last an hour or longer. That’s what it takes to do a comprehensive head-to-toe exam.

A Better Understanding of Your Family History

All of the patients here at Progressive Health Primary Care see one doctor–Dr. Ingrid Liu. This presents significant advantages for families. For example, because Dr. Liu will see your entire family, she will develop a more thorough and complete understanding of your family history and health across generations. As a result, she will be more easily detect and notice:

  • Family patterns.
  • Genetic issues that might be inherited.
  • Common stresses or issues that lead to health issues.

This can lead to better care over time–especially because Dr. Liu can also better communicate with your family as a whole (this beats receiving sometimes conflicting information from a wide variety of providers).


When your family needs primary care in a traditional setting, you kind of have to take appointments as they come (and they can sometimes be months and months away at the earliest). What’s more, most families have more than one primary care doctor they see.

This might mean you’re making four or five trips to the doctor’s office to get your family’s health care taken care of. But when all of your primary care is handled in a DPC setting (especially under one physician), scheduling options are much more convenient. You’ll be able to schedule appointments one after the other–which means you’ll only have to make one trip to the doctor! Additionally, these appointments are often available on short notice–and there’s no months-long wait.

Immediate Access to Your Doctor

In a Direct Primary Care setting, same day or next day appointments are often available. Whether you want a routine screening, notice a mole on your skin, or have a sore throat, you’ll be able to make an appointment the next day with your provider. In a traditional primary care setting, this process can take much longer.


This kind of immediate access can be especially important for families. That’s because families tend to be very busy and their schedules are already packed with work, soccer practice, orchestra, chess club–and anything else families get up to! Next day appointments and easy communication with your provider can make all the difference.

Cost Savings

Trying to figure out how much you’ll pay for health insurance, appointment copays, and other fees can be a headache–especially when multiple family members are involved. Any unexpected costs can add up quickly. At a Direct Primary Care clinic, you’ll have a much clearer idea how much you’ll be paying every month. (And how much you pay won’t necessarily depend on how often you see your doctor.)

Members at Progressive Health also get the benefit of significant discounts at our onsite pharmacy, and enjoy significant discounts on labs. And when everyone in your family is a member, those discounts apply to everyone! This means that, as a family, you can save significantly on your overall healthcare costs.

A New Way to Get the Care You Need

By offering cost savings, improved outcomes, and a more thorough experience, Direct Primary Care clinics are an appealing option for families looking for primary care. If you have questions about how Direct Primary Care works or how to get started at Progressive Health Primary Care, contact our offices today to schedule an appointment.