Progressive News for Your Health

September is cancer awareness month for many types of cancer

Did you know that there are healthy choices you can make to reduce your chances of developing cancer? In addition, there are recommended screening tests depending on your age and risk factors.

School is back in session!

Even if you don’t have young children attending school, please be mindful of traffic including biking, car, and pedestrians. We can all contribute to safer neighborhoods.

The COVID infection rate continues to be moderate in the Chicagoland area.

If you are over 50 and have not yet received a second booster vaccine, we do have a small supply of vaccines in the office. However, it appears the newer Pfizer and Moderna versions that target the current Omicron variants will be available soon! We are still requesting that you wear a mask in our office when you come for appointments.

COVID-19 vaccine scheduling | Edward-Elmhurst Health

If you have never been vaccinated and are interested in receiving the new Novavax brand immunization, Elmhurst Hospital is providing that at their Downers Grove Immediate Care location.

How effects on the brain can produce Long COVID

Though the cases of hospitalization are lower, they are not gone. In addition, more information is available that even mild infection cases have resulted in “long COVID” or damage to the brain and heart. Much research is being gathered regarding this and studies are frequently looking for volunteers. 

‘He’s with them still’: Family reunited with message in bottle written by their late son decades ago

As promised every month we are featuring a “Feel Good” story.