Progressive News for Your Health

February Is American Heart Month

This article from the American Heart Association has great tips to keep your heart healthy. A lot of trendy diets have been touted, but in the long run, evidence has proven time and time again, that regular exercise/activity and a healthy Mediterranean diet are the best.

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Did You Know The Apple iPhone Has A Feature To Help People Who Are Hard Of Hearing?

I am not being sponsored by Apple nor promoting their products, but if you have a pair of compatible cordless headphones to pair with your iPhone, there is a software feature called Live Listen that is built in. There is also a similar program for Android phones.

The results are not as good as actual hearing aids, but for people with mild to moderate hearing loss (and if you already have the equipment), it’s worth a try!

Remember Your Vitamin D

This time of year, we are all deprived of sunlight and vitamin D. If you spend the majority of your days indoors, you are likely deficient in Vitamin D. There are no symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency, but there are many health conditions associated with it.