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21 Best Healthy New Year Activities for 2021

Instead of making a big resolution for the new year, adopt a few of these small expert-backed changes to boost your health and happiness.

5 reasons why most New Year’s resolutions don’t stick, according to a psychotherapist

You have to actually be ready to make a change — half-hearted attempts often backfire and won’t get you very far.

Sign up with Cook County Public Health for information on vaccine availability

Suburban Cook County residents – this is good information for you. Currently they’re prioritizing first responders and health care workers to register to get the vaccine, but they will expand to all residents. We recommend you bookmark this link.

COVID-19 vaccine availability in DuPage County

DuPage County residents – this is good information for you. You can also register for weekly updates on the site. Look for the “Weekly Updates register here” box on the lower right side of the page.

Who will get the COVID vaccines next?

Many of our patients have asked “when can I get the vaccine?” Our office will likely not be stocking the vaccines as they need to be purchased/ordered in bulk of hundreds at a time. Most people will get it at either the local health department or at the pharmacy. We will continue to keep everyone informed as the supply is distributed.