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Migraine Resources & Support

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness month. If you’re experiencing more than 4 headaches per month, call us. There are several newer medications available for migraine sufferers. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers can worsen the frequency and severity of headaches.

10 Evidence-Based Benefits of Green Tea

One cup of green tea contains half the amount of caffeine as coffee and has been linked to numerous health benefits, from cognitive brain health, to cardiovascular benefits, to weight management. It’s hard to prove, but the benefits seem to outweigh the risks.

Not all green tea is the same. The health benefits are attributed to the polyphenols, specifically EGCG. Matcha green tea contains more polyphenols than standard leaf tea, and decaffeinated green tea brands have been tested and found to actually have very little concentration of EGCG.

Travel Medicine Consultations

Thinking about traveling abroad? Travel medicine consultations are included in your membership with us. There’s more to planning a trip than sightseeing.

Understanding and Preventing Tick Bites

It’s warm out now, and that means ticks! Along with Spring’s warm weather comes other diseases that are spread by infected ticks. Lyme’s Disease is the most well known tick-borne disease but other possibilities include Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever and Babesiosis.