Progressive News for Your Health


A neuroscientist explains what happens inside your brain when you exercise

Working out regularly really does change the brain biology, and it is not just “go walk and you will just feel better.” Regular exercise, especially cardio, does change the brain.

New membership benefit – discounted prescription medications

Our in office medication services are up and running! If you are paying out of pocket for prescriptions at the pharmacy we can provide the same medications for a discount. Call for pricing.

Diabetes prevention – small changes lead to big results

Diabetes prevention (and reversal) is possible! Most instances of diabetes occur over years and can be prevented with weight management and diet. Several local hospitals have Diabetes Prevention Programs run by dieticians and are covered by insurance.

Recommended vaccines by disease

All the focus has been on getting vaccinated against the SARS 2-COVID Virus. Don’t forget about other recommended immunizations such as TdaP, Shingles, Hepatitis, HPV and 2 vaccines against Strep Pneumonia for adults. Pediatric vaccines now include meningitis B for teens and severely immunocompromised adults.